GoFest.tv’s mission is to scout out and televise the best music festivals across the globe, as well as provide high definition video interviews of major artists. Follow us as we set out to major music events, capturing each moment and documenting each experience through our lens.

About the host:  George Faya is an actor and DJ, born and raised in NYC. A music lover since childhood, he has been DJ’ing and promoting since the early 90’s when he became the creator and program director for the dance music division of his college radio station. Most recently, he spent three years as the resident DJ and audio tech for the NY production of Fuerzabruta. Since his first visit to Coachella in 2004 he has become – in his own words, “spoiled” by music festivals as his preferred means of enjoying live music. With ticket prices on the rise all over and his own musical tastes running the spectrum from rock to jazz, dance, and world – he feels that festivals are the ideal way to immerse oneself in a variety of art and music – new and familiar – in new and fascinating environments.

“Music is and always has been my first passion, and I’m excited to share it with others through my involvement in this project. Hopefully this program can provide people with a peek into a world of artists and locales that have previously seen very limited exposure, but most importantly provide the viewer with the true festival experience.”

GoFest Movement Promo V2 from GoFest TV on Vimeo.

Miami Promo#3 FV from Jan Gerards on Vimeo.